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Tarantia a posted Oct 22, 16

Please be aware that there is a problem with PSN.

Arison had his playstation account hacked at 3am today. Whoever did it managed to change his email address and password and spent £120 via his linked paypal account.

Go change your passwords now people

People of the GUILD

Decainus a posted May 2, 16

Look im not gonna beat round the bush at the end of the day people get kicked for inactivety the rule is 30 days and at the end of the day the officers are leinient and give more time than the rule and some of you complain about this and to be honest your taking the PISS.

so if you have a friend or family member who is part of the guild who is over 30 days or more who YOU HONESLTY BELIEVE will come back please say so below.


Ispen a Haven't checked lately but will be on of two things one they haven't been moved to the void yet, or that Eliah...
Tarantia a yeah, no worries Esstra. Shaya is in the void.
Esstra Don't kick Shaya Tal She is Adera's sister and she has been inactive lately because she has been busy with un...

Anyone who doesn't yet have an invite but would like to come to our bonding ceremony can meet us outside the Sanctum st 6.30pm Servertime.

Tarantia a Thank you to all who came to share our day with us. We love you all xx

FC Air Racing 5th March!

Pango x posted Mar 2, 16

We are running an air race event this weekend for all FC members, everyone is welcome to join!

All you need is a flying mount and have the Churning Mists open for flight. There are some great prizes on offer, including a Red Panda minion, Scion minions, outfits and more!

Sign up on the events calendar today!

Happy new year

Tarantia a posted Dec 31, 15

Happy New Year Everyone!

Altera Cephon a Happy New Year all
Azure Knight Happy New Year
FelaAybara Happy New Year everyone!
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